120 sec. animation


We have some time here, so we can tell a story. Effective explanation of what you do, why you matter, and how you’re different.
If, in the past, you have struggled to clearly communicate what you do - now it's time to try a better way. We can clarify your message and give it a form of light & entertaining video. 120 seconds can be a gamechanger.

What is in the package?

60 seconds animation

Professional 120 sec. animation, created especially for your business 
Full HD resolution (unless you need a different one) video in mp4 format.
Available Ad-Ons:
+ subtitles +£150
+ rush delivery (under 4 weeks) +£1000
+ voiceover (priced separately)
+ +£300 each extra
30 seconds of length



  1. Click "Buy Now" button and send us an e-mail. 

  2. We will contact you within 1 business day and start the process

  3. Discovery session (you will get a real partner in us. We will take time to understand your requirements and propose options to achieve your objectives in the most cost-effective ways)

  4. Script + Storyboard  presentation 

  5. Choice of music/sound

  6. Animation

  7. Presentation of the animation

  8. Round of revisions

  9. Final animation

  10. Delivery

Turnaround time

Other packages

5 weeks (depends on your responsiveness)